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STABLWALL: The Smart Solution for Your Failing Foundation

When it comes to repairing your home's aging foundation, the STABLWALL system is the only product available in the market today that offers a permanent solution. In fact, the STABLWALL bracing system not only fixes your cracked basement walls, it also improves the overall strength of your home's foundation.

How Does STABLWALL Work?

Foundation walls crack and bow due to the stress created from pressure exerted by expansive soil or lateral earth movement. If not properly reinforced, foundation walls could eventually collapse.

Applied directly to foundation walls, the STABLWALL product counteracts the outside pressure by stabilizing the walls. It resists up to ten times normal pressure, making the walls stronger to eliminate shifting, expanding, cracking, or bowing.

Why is STABLWALL the Preferred Solution?

Unlike other repair options, the STABLWALL wall bracing system offers a one-time, non-evasive solution for failing foundations. The STABLWALL method requires no cumbersome steel beams, no bolts to turn, no mess, and no maintenance.
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